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Home Health

There's no place like home…
Many people find it possible to remain at home for the duration of illness or to shorten hospital stays thanks to Nemaha County Home Health. Their highly trained staff will provide a variety of services on an intermittent or part-time basis to patients in their own home. Services are adapted to the health needs of each individual and their family in all age groups, all diagnostic categories and economic situations.
Our staff is comprised of registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapist, speech therapists and medical social services professionals who provide comprehensive patient care as ordered by the patient's physician. We are ready to help you recover in the peace and safety of your own home.

Giving injections
Assessment and education on proper medication management
Assessment and replacement of catheters
Wound care
Health education
Intravenous therapy
Assistance with medical supplies and equipment
Patient assessment and teaching
Assisting with personal hygiene
Assisting with exercises
Assisting with prescribed treatments
Assess and instruct on home based therapy programs

Restore, maintain and safeguard the patient's independent function and help while in their own home
Help patients and their families determine alternatives for care
Provide professional and assistive health services for the treatment of patients at home

For more information about services provided by the Nemaha County Home Health department at SCH, call 785-284-2288.

The Sabetha Community Hospital Inc. is dedicated to improving the quality of health and care given to its communities. For more information about Home Health care or any of its services, please contact Nemaha County Home Health at 785-284-2288.

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